Catacombe di San Gennaro


A thousand-year history that lives in the subsoil of Naples, a journey to discover the close bond of faith between the city and its patron San Gennaro.

The city in layers

Naples is one of the most striking examples of cities where history can be traced through its “layers”.

Between the Greek Neapolis and the city of today there are not millennia, but meters of subsoil. The past is not put in a display case or forgotten, but it peeps in some places of the city of the present.

This coexistence of epochs has acquired more and more value in the economy of the city, through the integration of archaeological finds in contemporary public works, such as the Municipio station of the Metro Line 1.

The two worlds

The underground world is the place of ancestors not only in terms of archaeological remains.

In Naples, underground is above all the burial place of loved ones and meeting with their souls. Just as the remains overlook the city, souls are inhabitants in all respects, since the relationship with the afterlife is part of everyday life.

Between idioms, devotions and ancient rituals, dialogue with the dead has always accompanied the life of the city.

In the same way, the saints are always present in the daily life of the Neapolitans, whether it is to intercede for important graces or for minor requests. Small sacred images are jealously guarded in the wallets, while the votive niches scattered among the alleys are like small altars.


The main entrance and ticket office of the Catacombs of Naples is from the Basilica del Buon Consiglio, Via Capodimonte 13: you will begin your visit from the Catacombs of San Gennaro. If you want to start from San Gaudioso, our ticket office is located in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità, Piazza Sanità 14.


"One has an impression of transcendence as a liberation from the earth's weight: matter was and will become dust."


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